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>Has anyone positive experience of using Lua under FreeBSD?

We don't have access to a FreeBSD machine, but Lua has been in the FreeBSD
list for a while now, so I assume that would be not problems running Lua in
FreeBSD. See

>I develop multithread application that using Lua which works fine on Linux
>and dumps core on FreeBSD.
>FreeBSD v4.2 with pthreads library
>Lua 4.0

Is it just Lua 4.0? Does 3.2 work fine?
Do the distribution tests of both versions run ok?
Does it have to do with the pthreads library?

>while executing 
>	lua_register(_lua, name.c_str(), fn);
>program receives SIGBUS
>and while executing
>	lua_dostring(_lua, "_OUTPUT=_STDERR");
>program receives SIGSEGV.
>Any ideas why is it so?

Can you give us a stack traceback as printed by gdb?