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>I like your idea of a Lua developper site. I am not a big fan of frames,
but I
>can live with them, and I understand their interest since you want to
>integrate external services (BBS, Wiki Wiki) into your site. I didn't knew
>there were Wiki Wiki hosters, BTW.
>The design is nice...

Thx I do my best :)

>I would suggest to choose another title for the page. Something like "The
>developer site", for example. Don't forget that the title is what is used
>you create a bookmark (at least in IE). You don't want to make any
>with the TecGraf site, of course.

Got it on my dutylist..

>Perhaps a better choice for the site would have been to open an account on
>hoster supporting Perl scripting (or PHP). They are a number of good free
>(Discus or YaBB, for example), and probably good Wiki Wikis too.
>But I understand it is much more work, and I know it is always a rare
>among us...
Since I have no experience with Perl (though it would interest me) I didn´t
think of this...
But I´ll look around to improve the site.

>PS.: I have took a look at this Swiki site, it is nice and well done. I
>the capability to make links with spaces. Tradionnal Wiki Wikis are more
>restricted, using only names like LuaWeb to automatically generate links.
>Sorry Thomas, I have done some "noise" in the history of the main page, as
>played to try and put a link on the main logo. I have finally gave up and
>the page untouched...
No Problem :)
I have tried the same thing before but I have to regret that there´s
obviously no possibility to make a graphic behave like a link...

At the moment I´m working to translate the manual into swiki-syntax. I think
this will take awhile.
Please feel free to change it if there´s something wrong.
I think that it could be a good base for the swiki to have the manual there.
Then we can put links to new topics/ pages inside the manual.


Thomas Praxl