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We wrote an emulator of the old API (3.x) on top of the new API (4.0).
It's now available for download at

We did not test it much. We're hoping that you people will do this! :-)

Here's is the README.

 This is an emulation of Lua 3.2 API on top of Lua 4.0 API.
 This module may ease the transition to Lua 4.0.
 By using this module, you get all the new features of Lua 4.0: faster virtual
 machine, "for" statements, etc. (But make sure you remove those $debug...)

 To use it, just include lua3.h instead of lua.h.
 Also, you must not include lualib.h; lua3.h includes a version of lualib.h.

 This code is hereby placed in the public domain.
 Please send comments and bug reports to