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I would like to vote in favour of having a block something like the
following code block (but more complete of course). This way the only thing
we have to do to get a particular kind of lua build is to change a single
#define in lua.h. Furthermore, if we need to add more types for whatever
reason (new hardware platforms, etc) there would be a single place to do it
and all would be well.


#if !defined(LUA_NUM_TYPE_IS_INTEGRAL) && !defined(LUA_NUM_TYPE_IS_FLOAT) &&
	#error Must define a LUA_NUM_TYPE

	#define lua_str2number(s,p)	strtol((s), (p))
	#define NUMBER_FMT	"%ld"		/* LUA_NUMBER */
#elsif defined(LUA_NUM_TYPE_IS_DOUBLE)
	#define lua_str2number(s,p)	strtod((s), (p))
	#define NUMBER_FMT	"%.16g"		/* LUA_NUMBER */
#elsif defined(LUA_NUM_TYPE_IS_FLOAT)
	etc. etc.

Thankyou for you consideration,

Nick Porcino
Lucas Learning

> to decide which one to use.
> I hope that in 4.1 this can be formalised, so you really can 
> change Lua to
> integer use just by changing LUA_NUM_TYPE (and perhaps my suggested