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Director Lingo in Director 7.0 was almost exactly 100 times slower than the 
exact same code in C.

My tests show Lua is about 5-6x faster than Lingo.

In a message dated 9/26/00 12:28:13 PM, you wrote:

>I personally think that the less comparable two languages, the less
>meaningful benchmark comparisons are. C (and C-with-warts, AKA C++)
>are so far from all the scripting languages that it's really
>impractical to try and make comparables. A figure I've often heard
>bandied about is 10-1 between scripting langs and C. Folks doing
>numerical work sometimes cite 100-1 ratios. When Kernighan and Pike
>did an example program it ended up coming out something better than
>10 times faster in C, but the C++ version was about as slow as Perl