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2000-09-25-20:05:35 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
> >I tried to whomp it up in lua but I'm not a lua programmer, and Lua
> >4.0alpha (I've not been able to snag the 4.0beta yet) barfs on my
> >naive attempt.
> It's simple to fix: It's "end" instead of "done" and "print(n)" instead of
> "print n". Also, you may want to see what difference adding "local x,i" does...

Thank you!

My naive Lua implementation with the fixes did it in 3.51,
adding the local dropped it to 3.00. That's -vs- 6.00 for ruby
and 7.16 for perl:

	1.perl 7.16
	1.ruby 6.00
	1.lua  3.00


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