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Many people may mistake the get rich quick scheme message as spam when in
fact it is really about Lua.  Note these phrases:

> Please, please, print this off and read thoroughly.

Obviously an appeal that people read the Lua manual prior to asking
questions in the newsgroup.  Consider my case when I thought "not" wasn't
part of the language.  Duh!

> Read it often to fully understand how simple and easy
> it works!!!

Yes, Lua is a simple language-- but powerful too.  Many times when I didn't
understand something, I just read the manual more carefully, and there it

> This is a Legitimate, Legal, Money Making Opportunity!!

Obviously a reference to the commercial applications for Lua.

> Please take your time to read this plan, IT WILL CHANGE
> YOUR LIFE FOREVER $!!!!!!! Remember, it won't work if you
> don't try it. This program does work, BUT you must follow

This may be an overstatement, although I'm sure that for people stuck with
non-interpreted and non-interactive languages, the exposure to Lua might
indeed change their lives.  And he's right-- Lua doesn't work unless you
edit the configuration file and run the executable.  It worked for me too!


Yes, Lua operates best on computers...