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>Watcom C/C++ (Fortran) is being released as open-source 
>This is a great compiler to use for your Lua needs :-)

May be not: the last version of Watcom C that TeCGraf bought has a faulty cpp,
which breaks the 16-bit support that we added in 4.0a. I'm not sure whether
this version is the one to be released (the site above has no files available
for downloading). Perhaps it's a newer version... Anyway, if it's really
open source, then it'll be simple to fix what needs to be fixed to compile
Lua (ANSI cpp must do arithmetic in 32 bits).

We did manage to compile a 16-bit Lua 4.0a with Turbo C++, available at
(Never mind the C++; its C part is good ANSI C...)

I *think* I also managed to compile a 16-bit Lua 4.0a with Pacific C,
without much trouble.