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>From  Thu Jul 13 15:18:33 2000
>From: Norman Ramsey <>
>Something like gprof for Lua would be quite useful.

I assume you want to profile *Lua* programs, not our implementation of Lua.
If so, then the debug hooks should give you a good idea of what's going on.
In particular, you can use the call hook to know which functions are being

One of the goals of the debug API is exactly to allow this kind of application.
However, the debug API is one of the least used pieces of Lua and so we welcome
field stories. So, please share your findings with us. Thanks.

>Does anybody know
>if I can usefully call lua_stackedfunction() from a Unix signal handler?

I think so.

BTW, Lua 4.0 has a new debug API that should be much easier to use.