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You might want to look at wxWindows since it has been ported to more platforms
(from what I have read on the sites ie. in addition to X and Win32, it has
Apple, Beos etc. ports - at least in the pipeline if not finished). The widget
set of this is broader and more suited to your task. wxPython is a very good
wrapper of this (have a look -, pyFltk is not so hot.
Have a look at the demo app for wxPython if you want inspiration and have a look
at Boa Constructor (on Sourceforge, basically Delphi/Builder in wxPython). I
think both toolkits would be fairly easy to wrap using tolua.


Hi, Claus!
At the 18th of march you wrote:
For what it's worth, I'm fiddling with a Lua-gui system. Currently using a
binding to the FLTK widget set ( ), but trying to keep the
underlying toolkit easily interchangable with something else.

FLTK fits Lua extremely well, however, being compact, simple, modular, and
cross-platform to a reasonable extent. A full Lua Wish-like shell - with
everything statically linked - compiles to well below 400kB.

The idea is to produce a full Lua IDE, including a Delphi-like RAD tool -
ideally written entirely in Lua.  The whole thing should run on all (sort
of) X-nix and WinDos platforms.

There will be a web-page for this in a couple of weeks - to  be announced.
 Participation welcome.

I would be interested in you GUI-developement - not only for Lua. Is there
something established yet?