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>I don't agree with your last statement about Python (I don't see 
>Python as being a terribly complex language). 

I did not say terribly complex - I said more complex (I like the syntax 
much more than the one of perl or others). 

For Lua:
I think in the end it's something like the C paradigm - keeping the 
language itself small, but allow doing things by using routines - but more 
flexible, than C. This leads to, that you can handle the language itself 
very easily, but have to fight with tons of library toolkits (e.g. X11, 
Win32, etc.). 

In the case of Lua it seems to me (I'm very new to Lua) that the language 
can be something like a mask - it gives you, what you see in the front, 
but you can extend it behind the sceens.