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On Mon, 15 May 2000, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> >Is there any way to access the precompiler from within lua?
> Lua always precompiles chunks before running them.
> >I want to have my lua code precompile files before executing dofile()
> >so the next time the script is run it will run the precompiled version
> >if this source file hasn't changed.
> The easiest solution for this is to define a function around the whole chunk
> and return it. Something like
> 	return function ()
> 		... (chunk code)
> 	end
> Then do
> 	if CACHE[name]==nil or file "name" has changed then
> 		CACHE[name]=dofile(name)
> 	end
> 	CACHE[name]()

I guess I wasn't clear - I need to write out the precompiled chunk to
a file from within lua. 

In other words, with luac I can do this:

luac -o MyFile.luac -c MyFile.lua

and produce a MyFile.luac file that contains a precompiled version of
MyFile.lua. But could I do the same thing in lua without using a
system() call?