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John Belmonte wrote:
> Speaking of orthogonal handling and upvalues, I would like to use the
> upvalue syntax in the global scope.  Combined with your patch I could just
> write %var everywhere without having to think about what scope I'm in.

I though about that myself and did not dare to let it behave like that
because I doubt the patch will then ever make it into the standard ;)

You should get this behavior with this additional patch.
(Untested.  It just ignores the % in the global scope):

--- lua-4a-upval/src/lparser.c  Mon May  1 23:33:39 2000
+++ lua-4a-upval2/src/lparser.c Wed May  3 02:14:16 2000
@@ -272,9 +272,7 @@
   FuncState *fs = ls->fs;
   int upval = optional(ls, '%');
   TString *n = str_checkname(ls);
-  if (upval) {
-    if (fs->prev == NULL)
-      luaX_syntaxerror(ls, "cannot access upvalue in main", n->str);
+  if (upval && fs->prev) {
     lookupvar(fs, fs->prev, n, var);
     if (var->k == VLOCAL)
       luaX_syntaxerror(ls, "cannot access an upvalue in current scope", n->str);

Ciao, ET.