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>From  Wed Dec 29 22:45:14 1999
>From: Nils Svangaard <>

lhf> You might want to wait until the new version of Lua is out, because it
lhf> will be officially multistate. An alpha version should be out in a 
lhf> month or so.

>Ok, I will try to wait ;). Are there any other good features one can 
>look forward to?

We've been doing some rewriting, aiming at simplifying both the implementation
and the use of Lua. Besides the new, reentrant API, we're trying to improve
the debugging API, including much better error messages -- in many cases
replacing "call expression not a function" and "indexed expression not a table"
error messages by something more informative such as "`a' is not a function"
and "`a' is not a table".
The simplification in the code will also imply reduced memory usage for
programs with many strings and possibily faster execution.
Of course, all this is still in the works and so I can't promise anything
(except for the reentrant API).