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 > > The bug BTW was that strtoul needs to be used instead of strtol in the 
> > number conversion, since I don't think people want to specify negative 
> > numbers in hex and they might want to specify large positive ones.
> We did get your message (I do not know about the archives). We are considering
> it, but we do not consider that a bug. It is a matter of preference. Probably
> next version will support 0xFFFFFFFF.

So will 0xFFFFFFFF - 1 == 0xFFFFFFFE or -2 or 0x7FFFFFFE ?

Will 0xFFFFFFFF - 1 == tonumber('FFFFFFFF',16) - 1 ?

Currently tonumber('FFFFFFFF', 16)-1 == 2147483646 == 0x7FFFFFFE in lua 3.2.
Does anyone actually prefer the result lua 3.2 gives now?  What sense 
does it make?