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Date sent:      	Thu, 2 Sep 1999 13:00:58 -0300 (EST)
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From:           	"Curtis, Craig M." <>
To:             	Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject:        	Compiling lua for DOS

> I guess I did not secribe my problem.  Here is the code I am trying to
> compile:
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include "lua.h"
> void main()
> {
>  lua_dofile("hello.lua");
> }
> I set the project memory model to huge and get an error stating that my
> _TEXT segment is larger than 64k.  Am I just out of luck?
> Thanks,
> Craig
I thin you are going to have trouble in DOS unless you have a 32 bit 
option on your compiler with a DOS extender. That gets you out of 
that particular problem.  The problem is that DOS is old technology 

I personally use the Symantec compiler, but they don't sell it any 
more. I think there was a 32 bit add on for Borland but that isn't 
sold any more either, at least in the U.K. 

If you do get Symantec I can point you to a place where support is 
available (free) on the internet.

Best wishes

John Fletcher

Dr John P. Fletcher          Tel: (44) 121 359 3611 ext 4625
Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (CEAC),
Aston University,            Fax: (44) 121 359 4094
Aston Triangle,              Email: J.P.Fletcher@ASTON.AC.UK
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