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> On Wed, Sep 01, 1999 at 01:19:32AM -0300, Mike Cuddy wrote:
> > // it's a pity that cfunction's in lua don't get to carry userdat, then we
> > // could pass the object "implicitly" to the C -> C++ binding function.
> > // instead of digging it out of a table.
> Unfortunatly, it's not as simple as having a cfunction carry a
> userdata. There is no portable way to build an argument list to pass
> to a function call in C. On some platforms arguments are all passed on
> the stack, on other platforms some arguments are passed in registers.
> However, lua could provide simple "one argument" and "zero argument"
> functions. The one argument case would handle C++ methods pretty
> well. I'll have to see how much cleaner this would make my C++<->Lua
> code.

I've actually thought about adding "one-argument functions" to handle 
thiscall's, but I'm not sure how portable that would be!   I wonder
if this:
is ALWAYS the same as:

(as object.func(object) == object:func() in LUA ;-)

Better to stick with the C->C++ bindings, methinks.
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