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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
 >> Just set up your own error handler and call lua_dostring.

   But...  This reminds me of a message posted just a week or so ago about
"not wanting any effects" when running the code.  I don't suppose I've
simply missed an API routine called lua_dontreallydostring(), have I?  ;-> 
In other words, if I'm "do"-ing the string JUST to check the syntax, I
might not want the side-effects of actually executing the code, right?

 >> add "do return end" in front of the string 

   Could I perhaps introduce an INTENTIONAL error at the END of the "block"
that I'm checking with lua_dostring() and then in the error handler check
for any error OTHER than that one?  Sort of reversing that idea.  That
might work, yes?  :-)