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>From Mon Jul 19 18:53:51 1999
>From: Ivan Kolev <>

>First, say Hi to the next member of the Lua fan club.


>I can't find the words to express my admiration for Lua.

Thanks for the kind words (or lack of them! :-).

>And guess, Lua 3.2 doesn't want to run 3.1 byte code.

Sorry about that.  As we say in the man page:

 The internal format of the binary files produced by luac may change
 when a new version of Lua is released.  We try to maintain
 compatibility even for binary files, but sometimes it cannot be done.
 So, save the source files of all Lua programs that you precompile.

Because we do not plan any major changes in Lua in the next versions, I think
the format will not change in an incompatibile way.

>It has a piece of compiled Lua code in it, in the file tolualua.h.
>It was compiled with Lua 3.1 from Tk.lua, but the file Tk.lua itself is missing

This will be fixed in the next version of tkLua, to be released real-soon-now.