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This is how I display a message box from LUA code embedded in my Windows app, 
I am actually an earlier release of LUA, slightly modified, and compiled into a 

static void pr_messagebox (void)
    int   result;

    lua_Object hwndFrame = lua_getglobal("hwndFrame");

    assert (lua_isuserdata(hwndFrame));

    char *pTitle  = luaL_check_string (1);
    char *pPrompt = luaL_check_string (2);
    int   iParam = (int) luaL_opt_number (3, 0);
    int   iIcon  = (int) luaL_opt_number (4, 0);
    int   iType  = 0;

    switch (iParam)
        case 0:
            iType = MB_OK;
        ... more cases

    switch (iIcon)
        case 0:
            iType |= MB_ICONEXCLAMATION;
        .. more cases

    result = MessageBox((HWND) lua_getuserdata(hwndFrame), 

    lua_pushnumber ((float) result);

static struct luaL_reg messagelib[] =
    {"MessageBox",          pr_messagebox},

void message_open (void)
        luaL_openlib (messagelib, 
                      (sizeof (messagelib) / sizeof (messagelib[0])));

the function message_open() is called when the application is initializing to 
add this function to lua as a c-function. the lua global 'hwndFrame' is set via 
lua_setglobal() when the main window is created. In the lua code to display a 
message box I then call 'MessageBox(prompt, title) or MessageBox(prompt, title, 
param, icon) etc.

Hope this helps,


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Subject: menu system for win32 
Author:  <> at INTERNET
Date:    19/07/99 02:20

I just found LUA a couple of days ago, and (hopefully) am going to use it to 
support user definable menus in my win32 program.

The problem is I don't really know where to start with LUA.  I've read the 
manual, compiled it and have played around with the dos interpreter.  (you 
know done hello world, printed out the lyrics to the 99 bottle of beer 

so I was wondering if some one could help me get started with this.  Does 
anyone have a framework for a interpreter in win32 (c/c++ win32 would be 
best MFC makes me queazy)? I'm sure if I could see an example of what is 
needed to create a windows messagebox from a lua script run by a windows app 
I would be set.

Thanks for reading,

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