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At 10:38 AM 7/15/99 -0300, you wrote:
>>This may be a dumb question, but why? Why make a macro 'real' and then
>>only use it 99% - I see a lot of other macros in the lua.h header ??
>I don't like the idea of a programmer having to use all sorts of 'magic'
>types to get things done. For instance, in OpenGL, I think it's silly to
>have GLint, GLfloat and the like. So, I prefer API's that use only primitive
>types -- it seems easier for the programmer.
>But we (the Lua team) are discussing if this makes real sense or not, given
>that we are considering adding support for Unicode in Lua.

  OpenGL has lots of typedefs, and lots of number types at the same time.
Lua will have just one more, total of 4 typedefs.... And only one number
type. The proposal of the typedef here is different from OpenGL. This will
make easier to change the Lua number type and reduce the number of messages
in this list about this subject...

  Also the definition of "#ifdef __cplusplus" and so on, is still ANSI C,
and it makes life easier for C++ programmers.

  BTW, this is just programming style, and it sounds like soccer
discussions if the solution is not effective rater than elegant.