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You could try:

*(L-> = *(luaH_getint(arg, i+1));


int blah;
blah= luaH_getint(arg, i+1);
*(L-> = *blah;


What are the size of the int's for the compiler? If they are 16bit (small
memory model in Windows?) you'll have problems with pointers, and other
values probably!


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Sent: Thursday, July 15, 1999 11:04 AM
Subject: Re: LUA_NUM_TYPE long

>> The error in both cases is
>> Error   : internal compiler error: File: 'PCode.c' Line: 425
>> lbuiltin.c line 304   }
>This means error in compiler itself, so check with Metrowerks support.
>> *(L-> = *luaH_getint(arg, i+1);
>> L->;
>> That error goes away.
>> Can someone familiar with these data types double check and let me
>> if this is the right thing to do?
>This is ok. But i will not trust the compiler.