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>From Tue Jul 13 22:46:51 1999
>From: Dave Bollinger <>

> >> Which of the three a,v,w are global?
>   I knew I was overlooking something, creation, and I see how it would be
>impossible to determine if the coder intended to create a new variable in
>the table or globally.  I was approaching it thinking about fields that had
>PREVIOUSLY been created in t, only those would have been table fields, the
>others would've had to been assumed to be global, but that just doesn't
>work if creating NEW fields in t.)

Like I said, there's no notion of "previously created fields".
I mean, there's no way the parser can know about this, because there are no
type declarations for tables.
It *could* be done at runtime, but I think that would be slow.
Plus, like you said, it wouldn't buy us much.

About Modula 3 "with" statement, it seems to me that DO...END with local
declarations is almost equivalent.