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Ken Rawlings wrote:
 >> Out of curiosity, what are most games developers using Lua for? 

   I can only speak for myself, but I'm currently using Lua for various
"Event Handlers" within an Edutainment title.  The main "game loop" is
still handled by the host, but at various key moments little snippets of
Lua are executed.  The advantage for me is that this program consists of a
large number of mini-games, each of which is just a different set of Lua
code which redefine the event handlers as appropriate for that game.

 >> if anyone knows of an open-source equivalent of a vsprintf

   You could check the license on the library included with the Small-C
compiler.  I remember that it includes a subset of stdio including
printf/fprintf and all the "itoa"-type support routines.  It may be free
for non-commercial use.  But I believe it was part of a book though, so if
you need truly open-source code it may not be suitable.  I don't know for