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> What kind of functions for handling raw binary data would yoou like to see?

   Equivalents to the C bitwise operators would be really handy.

> I think that the existence of tag methods for getglobal makes it impossible
> for Lua to be tail recursive, because the tag method may return anything in

   Overall, that seems like a fair tradeoff, given how incredibly useful
   it is to be able to set tag methods for getglobal.

   I have a quick question on Lua datatypes. What is the preferred method
   for generating and using lists in Lua? Originally I thought that the
   following could be used:

   l = { 1, 2, 4, 5 }

   However, it appears that Lua doesn't have a method for adding or 
   deleting data at an arbitrary position. For instance, how can you
   add '3' to the table above between '1' and '2'? Along the same lines,
   how can you delete the '4'? I've read through the manual to no
   avail. Am I missing something?