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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> what are these "serious design issues" and bugs?
> you could post them here or send them directly to Tomás Guisasola Gorham at
> (also cc:

Design issue: ldb is designed with only one state in mind, if you are
running multible states (like multitasking) ldb starts acting strange
(Like a breakpoint jumping to a different state !! My solution was to
add the debug information into the state structure.

The bugs are related to setting breakpoints. (Like a break(20) to break
at line 20). The code for setting the loc->file on a linenumber basis
(Within the get_location) does not update curr_loc.file at all. My
solution was to do a:

 f = lua_stackedfunction(1);

before assigning loc->file

I some cases the update_location does funky stuff also, but I havent
found it yet!


p.s. It was not sent as a flame or anything . I was just getting used to
the very high quality of the Lua source!!