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hello Lua List,

I've read the Ref. Manual and perused the goodies in the "test" 
directory. So, I feel fairly comfortable with Lua's language/syntax,
but I'm still left wondering what a good Lua/C extension looks like. 
Is there any code out there implementing, say, trees or matrices in C
as Lua "userdata" types? 

<blah blah blah>
Also, at one point I thought I knew what "extension language" meant: I
use Python all the time and implement compute-intensive tasks as C
extensions (dynamically loaded, it's real cool).  So, I thought an
extension language was something where you could extend the
(presumably high level) interpreter with (low level) compiled code.

But it seems that Lua is more designed for extending the application
at hand.  That's sort of the opposite of what I do: Lua is for
extending a low level language with a high level one...  ???

I'm confused.  Can you recommend any good books detailing the
philosophy behind extension/embedding?

Okay, wait a second, here: I still haven't read this "Lua-an
Extensible Extension Language".
</blah blah blah>  ;)


        "Don't be too proud of this technological
         terror you've constructed."

        -- Darth Vader