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As in the last message...
> **PS:**
> Is the error message the "constant table overflow" of the subject?? (I 
> noticed it only now). Are you using version 3.1? If yes to both questions, 
> then the problem is the number of different "constants" in your file 
> (string literals, real numbers, names of global variables). There is a 
> limit (again of 64K ;-) to the number of different constants each function 
> can manipulate. This limit is for functions, not for files; the "main" of a 
> file counts as one function. You can try spliting your "main" in some
> functions to avoid this limit.
> -- Roberto

Thanks Roberto.

I guess that was exactly the problem.   My "main" file was 
automatically generated and was composed only of functions calls.
It was really large (over 22Mb).

Before I received your message I simply split the file in
4,  and processed one by one...
Next time I'll follow your advice and create function

Siome Klein Goldenstein