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I guess this is a weird question, but anyway...

I an animation system that exports the results in  a lua script.
I have another set of lua scripts that converts
this script in a 'rib' file  
(yes, I already have a preliminary and extremelly crude, 
binding of rib to lua based in write statements)

In a particularly large animation script (1845206 bytes)
lua gives me the following message before exiting w/o executing:

dilbert:maze2> mkmz
before exit, input =maze2-olua.lua
Active Stack:
        function dofile [in file (C)]
        main of mz2-defs.lua

Is there a limit on the size of files to be used as a
'dofile'?  May be it is trying to precompile before 
executing and running out of memory?

For now (my deadline is tuesday) I'll just
have to try to split the file in at least two,
and see if it works...

Any ideas are really welcomed
Siome Klein Goldenstein