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Hey all you hep Lua cats,

Version 0.2 of the WinLua win32 lua console doohickey is ready.  This
version is guaranteed to enhance your "Lua ride."  

New shocks.  Better struts!

Hope you find this enjoyable,

The readme.txt follows:



This is a *very simple* Win32 console for using the Lua programming
language. I wrote it in an afternoon because I wanted to play with 
MFC.  Now that I have that out of my system (<GRIN>) I will be making


Version 0.2

o  Added multiline input support.
o  Cleaned up the code.
o  Removed tklua requirement.
o  Added some useful functions (Thanks David Jeske)
o  Added start of an environment browser.
o  Initial properties support.
o  Save/Clear output.

Version 0.1

o  Must drag-n-drop files onto console to execute the Lua script.  
   Everything dropped is assumed to be a lua script.
o  Anything printed with the print() function in Lua will appear
   in the console output window.
o  Lua code can be input into the system via the handy input field
   at the bottom of the console window.  Hit enter to execute the
o  Error handling is 'there' but is a little broken.

Note that I currently don't use any of the i/o facilities of Lua.  
Instead, I have my own interfaces for that kind of stuff.  As such,
the amount of 'support' for the i/o facilities is near nothing.  If
someone needs something particular, let me know.  


o  Ability to define 'Properties' from Lua code.  The properties will
   automagically appear in a "Properties" dialog so you can have
   some rudimentary UI to the running Lua environment.
o  Better error handling.
o  Bind stdout and stderr to the console output. (?)
o  Command line and dialog loading of files.  (hehe)


WinLua is meant to be built against Lua 3.1alpha, MFC, and Win32.

There is a Developer Studio 5.0 workspace that has projects to build 
WinLua, liblua, libstd, and libtklua.  I tried to use relative paths
wherever possible.  I believe the projects attempt to look in a
wide selection of directories to find the Lua distribution.

If all else fails, or you're not feeling lucky, this is what my paths
look like:

\Lua\lua		Lua 3.1alpha distribution.
\Lua\WinLua		This archive.
\Lua\WinLua\test	Some useful stuff.
\Lua\tklua		TkLua  distribution.
\Program Files\tcl	TkTcl 8.0 Distribution.

Note that TkTcl and tkLua are not required.


Use it.  No implied or expressed guarantees.  I reserve the right to
use this code elsewhere.  If you make money from the use of this, more
power to you.  "WinLua" is reserved for 'official' releases by Paul 
Bleisch.  Yada yada yada.

If you make improvements, let me know, I will roll them into future 

Paul Bleisch