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Hello Everyone:

In a message dated 3/7/98 8:50:05 AM, you wrote:

>>Does anyone have experience using Lua in a multithreaded environment?  I 
>>would like to run several low-priority threads simultaneously, each with 
>>their own Lua script.  Is there anything in Lua that would break?  I don't 
>>have any need for interprocess communication, just that nothing Lua-global 
>>breaks.  Suggestions?
>Some people have changed Lua to work in a multithreaded environment.
>Lua 3.1 has support for multiple environments, with a single global variable
>pointing to the current environment. This should help using Lua in 
>a multithreaded environment.

If anyone made the multithreaded changes,  would they be willing to discuss
them here or privately?  Perhaps share some code?