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> >one other may be not a usefull thing but I think it has some grounds to go
> >with it, would be having lua compiled with a #define that any variables
> >that are accessed that are not local, and have not been predefined as
> >global complain about them but still let the code compile.
> >
> >how does that sound?
> Why add new statements to the language when a solution that meets our
> needs and does not require this is available?

The above proposal doesn't really fix things (it does improve things 
somewhat).  I think a full solution should control all global access not 
just creation.

This idea doesn't add anything to the language (it adds to the C code). 
What is the solution that doesn't require changing Lua?  Didn't I go into
the need to optionally enforce some scheme (since anything else is to some
degree like saying, "practice good programming")?  I hope these notes are
actually getting through. 

Does anyone know how to make the list server send emails to the sender?  
I'm not getting copies of my own emails.