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>From Thu Dec 11 17:29:05 1997
>Is there any way to ask Lua for the source code of a function?

no. don't you mean bytecodes instead of source?

>If not, what's the best way to add this feature?

depends. why do you need this?

>This is an important feature for a dynamic system like Lua because you
>never now if your external source matches what's in the system.

you lost me here. can you give an example?

>This would also allow Lua to be able to save an image of the system from
>withing Lua.

i'm actually working on this but it's hard (because of cycles in data
structures and such). and we'd like it to be general.
if you only want to save bytecodes, then it's easy and most of what is needed
is already available in luac.