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Lyn A Headley wrote:

> first of all, Lua's not object-oriented (right?).  

Agreed. However, by storing method pointers into "fields" and using the
fallback mechanism, it can be made to behave in a way that is pretty
close to OO.

> Both languages are excellent embedded languages (the two best, IMHO).
> I think it boils down to whether you feel you need the extra builtin
> functionality provided by Python.  If not, I'd go with Lua for its
> speed and elegance.

Point well taken. Exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. The
speed issue is certainly of importance in my case. 

My primary problem with LUA as it seems right now is that I'd like to
use it in a multi-threaded way, based on OS-supported threads. I assume
all it would take to do this is to collect all the globals used by LUA
(ie, its C-language implementation globals - not the LUA globals) into a
structure which can then be "instantiated" to get a new, fresh LUA
interpreter which I then can stick into a thread and run on its own. I
brought this up a while back on this mailing list, and that seemed to be
the general consensus as I recall.

Mike Fahl