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>A "psudo-overlapping" desire of mine is to
>have first-class function definetions (like lambda functions, in that you
>would do something like "boo = function(a,b) ... end". When I brought this
>up before, it was said that the parser needs to be made reenterant for
>this to work, so I was hoping to combine my efforts for these two things.

We currently are working on exactly this extension for Lua 3.1.
Keep tuned. :-)

PS: About the junk in lua-l lately:
    1. Spam is too hard to avoid. Any ideas, besides moderation?
    2. Unfortunately we have not managed to change the headers produced by
       listproc so as to avoid personal replies being sent to the list.
       listproc even puts the "wrong" "From" field, and misleads people
       into thinking that the reply will go to the sender instead of to the
       list. The "Reply-to" field is set to "lua-l", but is usually hidden
       from view.
       Does anyone know how to change this in listproc?
       In the meantime, please double check a reply before sending it.
       (This applies to me too!)

       As a whole, we are less than happy with listproc; we are thinking
       about switching to majordormo, as soon as our sysadm has some time.
       On the other hand, I'm pleased with the traffic in Lua: not too much,
       no junk at all (except for the last few days), only good questions
       and answers.