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For those who were curious about the meaning of Lua
related to Martial Arts, take a look at this description
extracted from the article "Hawaiian Lua"

  "Lua, then, was the general name for a type of
   hand-to-hand fighting which not only included
   hakihaki (bone-breaking), but combined ha'a (dance),
   hakoko (wrestling), mokomoko/ku'i (boxing or punching),
   peku (kicking), aalolo (nerve pressure) to cause
   paralysis, and also the use of weapons."

It also appears in the Martial Arts FAQ:

> 16.24) Lua
> (Contributor: Stephen Kurtzman -
> Intro: Royal Hawaiian martial art
> Origin: Hawaii
> History: 
> In the 1800s the royal Hawaiian family decreed that the art would be
> restricted to members of the royal Hawaiian family
> (In fact, it is still illegal to practice the art in the state of Hawaii).
> Since the 1980s, the veil of secrecy to non-Hawaiians has started to
> lift with the open teaching of the art in Southern California by Alohe
> Kolomona Kaihewalu. 
> Description: 
> Hawaiian form of combat which resembles Jujutsu in some of its moves.
> The primary emphasis of the art is joint dislocation.