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> Date:          Fri, 25 Jul 1997 11:39:10 -0300
> Reply-to:
> From:          Roberto Ierusalimschy <>
> To:  
> Subject:       Re: New Lua port announced 

> > First, the syntax is really friendly, the function's set is very
> > rich (may be, adding directory reading utilities to iolib?)
> Unfortunately, directory manipulation functions are not part of the ANSI
> standard, so such functions are not present in iolib (that's the price
> of being "a *very* portable software" :-)  In very short time there will
> be available a small POSIX library, that will include all these typical
> UNIX functions not present in ANSI C (directory manipulation, file access
> information, user id's, etc). For more information, please contact
> (he was supposed to have finished this library
> some months ago...).
> -- Roberto
Please bear in mind that there are DOS based users also, so a DOS 
version of such routines would be useful, as would a DOS 
distribution of LUA (*.zip file, DOS style source files)



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