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Hi, Lua 
I announce a new LUA port for OS-9 operating system is 
available. It was not so hard, because Lua is a *very*
portable software. I've only added some OS-9 related
goodies like using memory modules for Lua compiled code. 

Though Lua is positioned as an embedded language, 
I'm going to use Lua instead Perl on my OS-9 box.
First, the syntax is really friendly, the function's set is very
rich (may be, adding directory reading utilitiess to iolib?),
and at least, it's very fast, small and uses very low resources.
Many thanks to Lua creators...

Although, there was a small problem with include file 'types.h' 
in the main LUA directory.
The C-compiler find this file at first and don't include the main 
system file with the same name from the default include directory. 
So, I should include this system file with the full pathname in some
lua source files.
It seems, this Lua-'types.h' need to be renamed, for example, to


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