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>From Thu May 22 17:30:06 1997
>> Has there been any discussion of changing the Lua float type from float
>> to double? I did this on my own so that you could go from float type to int
>> type without losing data.
>We have tried to define all "floats" related to the internal representation
>of numbers as "real", defined in types.h. Only the floats in lua.h were
>left as "float", to avoid defining a new type in this header file. Therefore,
>it should be very easy to change "number" from float to double, just changing
>"real" in types.h and changing lua.h. Unfortunately, as the message said,
>"we have tried", but we are not sure whether we have accomplished it. Did
>anyone test this?

luac and undump depend on floats and do not work for doubles.
may be they should :-) [if you really need this, bug me!]